Please hold…

Regular readers (if I have any left) will have noticed that I’ve been on a bit of a blog break over December-January.

It wasn’t actually my intention but it turns out that I’d gotten so used to not working (and having all the time in the world to write) that when I did start working again in late November, balancing work with a) the lead up to Christmas and b) going-to-the-beach-weather was all that I could cope with.

Finding time to write, as well as work and go Christmas shopping/go to the beach was more than I could handle.

But I’m onto it. I am working on a plan to find more time for writing so hope to be back regularly contributing posts very soon.

For the moment, however, please continue to hold until normal services resume.


2 thoughts on “Please hold…

  1. Welcome to my world. When you work out the secret of finding more time to do those things that you enjoy, please let me know.

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