To Market, to Market

Where I come come from (Melbourne, Australia), fresh food markets are generally set up every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday under cover in set buildings. There’s the enormous Victoria market at the top of the city, the equally huge Dandenong market in the southeast, and in the suburbs there are the South Melbourne, Prahran, Preston and Camberwell markets to name a few.

In Greece, the fresh food market or “laiki” (pronounced la-ee-kee) is an open air affair that pops up in each neighbourhood on a specific day each week. Over the years they’ve grown to include everything from fish and vegetables to curtains and underwear and everything in-between. Produce from Greece is clearly labelled with a Greek flag and the name of the town or area that the produce is from.

I went to a couple of laiki markets during my recent stay in Thessaloniki. It was a great way to taste a slice of everyday Greek life and participate in a weekly ritual. These photos are from the laiki in Bouboulinas Street in Kato Ilioupoli.










4 thoughts on “To Market, to Market

  1. My first (and belated) visit to your blogsite. Very professional, as one would expect. Great words and piccies. Hope you are enjoying your long service leave. To steal from Adams, “so long, and thanks for the fish photo.”

    • Thanks Tim! My relatives thought I was slightly nuts for taking photos at the market (“what’s so special???”) but I love those market photos and had to do something with them.

  2. I love a market …. it’s a bit of journey from the Docklands on a Tuesday but Charlie hasn’t missed a beat. Keep up the blog and don’t stab anyone on your travels (haha).

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